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Should I install Virus Protection/Anti Spyware Software?
Absolutely.  Every system should have both virus protection software and anti-spyware
software installed. In today's Internet driven environment it is hard to imagine a system that
is truly isolated.  The cost of the software, as compared with the potential cost to your
organization if your information was lost or destroyed by malware, is so small that you should
not even think twice about installing protection software.
Update your virus protection software on a regular basis, ideally daily.  Most modern
protection software will update automatically, but you still need to periodically check it. New
malware seems to appear almost daily and protection software that is out of date will provide
only limited protection.
Integrated Protection suites, that provide protection against both viruses and spyware, are
available from a number of leading vendors.  We can assist you in obtaining and installing the
right solution for your environment.
What should I do if I suspect that my system might be infected?
 Disconnect your system from the internet and your local area networking by removing the
network cable.  This will minimize the chances of infecting other computers on your network.
Contact us immediately.  We have a number of tools and techniques that will re-mediate your
system and prevent further damage.
What should I do about backing up my systems?
The right backup methodology for your computer systems can best be determined by a thorough
understanding of your systems and business environment. Factors that will enter into this
determination include:
System and network topology
Volume and Volatility of Information
Time(s) available for backup operations
Cost and time required to recover lost data
Economics and availability of backup devices and media
Tolerance of the organization to the loss of information
Once we understand your business environment and the criticality of your data we will custom
design a data protection scheme that will uniquely match your requirements.  With the wide variety
of backup devices, backup software and on-line backup services available today, selection of the
most cost effective solution requires careful planning, correct implementation and continuing
monitoring.  ELH Systems/Software is qualified to provide these services to you.
Do I need a network or can I use standalone systems (and what type of network do I need)?
Probably the key factor in this decision is determining if multiple users will need to share
information.  If this is a requirement, then most likely a network will be the best solution.  Other
factors, such as the frequency of the need to share information, the amount of information that
must be shared,  the backup strategy, and economics will influence this decision.
Regarding the type of network:  For small businesses with limited information sharing requirements,
and with limited economic resources, a "peer to peer" network may prove to be the optimal solution. 
As an alternative to this a network storage device can often provide an optimal solution for sharing
A "client-server" network usually is the best solution for larger enterprises with more sophisticated
requirements and larger volumes of information.  This solution will provide additional functionality
and will even allow you to host your own website and email.  Our approach is to fully understand all
the key factors and to develop a specific strategy that best fits the information requirements and the
economics of the organization.