Outsourced MIS Services
Serving the DFW Metroplex Since 1994
Since its inception, ELH Systems/Software has focused on improving
processes and profitability for its clients through the use of technology.  
Our approach is to learn about your business and determine where we
can improve functions making you more effective and efficient.  In
order to accomplish these functions we expect to meet with you and
will draw upon our diverse business and extensive technical
Some examples include:
•For a waste management company who was required to submit copies of all work orders to
their customers along with their invoices, we implemented a new accounting/operational system.  
This system allowed remote plant locations to scan work orders and upload them to a centralized
system.  Invoices could now be printed along with the required work orders.  This eliminated the
previous manual process of sorting thousands of work orders each month and attaching them to the
customer invoices.  The company was able to reduce what had become a 30-40 day billing cycle to a
matter of a few days, resulting in a significant improvement in cash flow.
• For a fulfillment company who was receiving customer orders via email implemented a
system that allowed the company to directly import orders in their accounting/shipping system.  
This not only saved time but also eliminated the potential of errors from manually inputting data.
• For a management company who was sharing information on an aging and failing server we
replaced the server with a Network Access Storage device that provided equal functionality at a
small fraction of the cost of replacing the server.  At the same time we implemented a new backup
system that provided backup of all shared data on the shared device as well as backup of all email
messages stored on individual workstations.
• For an executive search firm we extensively modified a packaged contact management
system to provide additional information for each contact.  This resulted in a more effective data
base system making consultants more efficient and effective.
Eric Hochfelder, the owner/operator of ELH
Systems/Software, has a BSEE degree from Clarkson
University and a MSEE degree from Columbia
University.  He has held technical and executive
management positions with Bell Telephone
Laboratories and University Computing Company
(UCC/UCCEL).  At UCC he was responsible for
managing an organization that supported thousands
of remote computing clients in virtually every state as
well as managing a 40,000 sq. foot
data/communications center that provided these